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Since brought the Dry type bushing technology and to highlight the bushing production, Nanjing Electric HV Bushing Co. , Ltd were separated in 2012 from mother company: Nanjing Electric (Group) Co. ,Ltd, which is the first HV electro-ceramic factory in the industry history of China and it was established in 1936. HV Bushing Company inherits the management and fabrication experience of Nanjing Electric (Group), and is dedicated to become international leading innovation-oriented HV bushing solution provider with first rate brand.
The Thunder-Lighting brand trade mark used by the company was registered in 1937, and now it is the famous trademark in Jiangsu Province. Nanjing Electric covers an area 330000 square meters, construction area of 140000 square meters, the registered capital is more than 300 million Yuan, and the total number of employees at present is 1007. Nanjing Electric possesses 8 LV&HV test Laboratory, UHV National Laboratory (owned CNAS certificate) and Dust-free rolling workshop, provide the strong guaranty for good quality.
Nanjing Electric had produced the 1st OIP condenser transformer bushing in 1958 in China, which has solid foundation of condenser bushings by 50 years’ production and fabrication experience accumulation. Recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the power systems require that high voltage electrical products should be miniaturization, oil-free, maintenance-free and high-reliability. To satisfy the requirements of product upgrades in the new period, our company explore new materials, new technology of bushing based on the original production technology, and developed the RIF and RIP dry-type capacitor bushings successfully in the world after 2000.
HV Bushing Company own the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Certificates. Nanjing Electric HV Bushing Company mainly produces OIP, RIP, RIF bushings. Product includes 10kV—1100kV Transformer Bushing, Wall Bushing, GIS Lead-out Bushing, Oil-SF6 Bushing, Oil/Oil Bushing below 50000A Heavy Current Bushing, Generator Lead-out Bushing, Wind power box transformer bushing and so on. It’s the biggest bushing produce basement in the world.
At present, HV bushing company has produced hundred thousands of all kinds of HV bushing for power transmission and transformation industry, which occupies about 50% of the domestic total quantity operating at present.
Nanjing Electric HV Bushing Company possesses abundant technical, advanced production facilities, complete detection means, swift information exchange and perfect service system. Its mission is to make the electrical power transmission safer, more stable, reliable and high-efficient; its enterprise spirit is do pioneering Work, merging, innovation and excellency; it is dedicated to become the happy homestead where the employee breaks through and creates value, become the enterprise loved and valued by clients, suppliers and all circles in society.China OIP Composite Transformer Bushing suppliers

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