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Our History
鈼?On October 1st, 2002, the company was established in chongqing hi-tech industrial development zone
鈼?In 2004, it established strategic cooperative relations with chongqing sanxin electronics, chongqing hesheng electric appliance, chongqing fuchuan electromechanical, chongqing tiema military and so on
鈼?In 2006, we established cooperative partnership with chongqing construction motorcycle, chongqing lifan motorcycle and guangzhou haojin motorcycle
鈼?In 2008, zaogn zhaoguang brand and JD brand were established to enter China's domestic accessories market, and now there are more than 40 brand dealers in China
鈼?In 2010, we established a cooperative relationship with Oscar Hong Kong import and export international trading company of Germany, and in the same year, we established a cooperative relationship with chicheng power (China) chongqing co., LTD. Of the United States,At the end of the same year with alibaba China supplier cooperation, 10 years ago
鈼?In 2011, the company established the e-commerce department of foreign trade to increase the development of import and export business, and developed and produced automotive appliances and coils suitable for various markets, such as European and American markets, South American markets, north American markets, Middle East markets, African markets and southeast Asian markets
鈼?In 2012, it established cooperative partnership with chongqing jialing motorcycle and Shanghai jialing motorcycle
鈼?In 2016, we have increased the development and production of atv, motorcycle and other automotive electric installations. We have registered and applied for more than 10 invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents and other better technical guarantee and market development guarantee for customers
鈼?In November 2018, the production base was moved to building 15-2f, zone C, jiulong industrial park, jiulongpo district, chongqing at the invitation of jiulongpo district merchants bureau
鈼?In 2019, the company developed electric injection engine for motorcycle, voltage regulator, and one-button start and stop magneto. The company is now developing open-ring electric injection ECU
Our Factory
Zhaoguang locomotive accessories co., LTD. Has more than 160 employees, 5 senior management personnel, 8 technical engineers, 16 intermediate management personnel, 8 quality management personnel, and more than 130 employees.The factory has precise cooperation with industry elites in chongqing, Beijing, shenzhen, Shanghai and other regions, laying a solid foundation for innovation
Our Product
Military special vehicles, car, beach car, motorcycle, electric cars and so on more than 400 kinds of special accessories, motorcycle five electrical appliances (electronic igniter, rectifier voltage regulator, ignition coil, flasher, relay), magneto coil and magneto assembly, start the motor, sensors, etc., set research and development, production, sales of vertical integration in chongqing on key science and technology enterprises
Product Application
Product application: automotive: changan suzuki electrical appliances, ATV category: spring ATV, xinyang ATV, yamaha ATV. Ring pine ATV, longxin ATV and other automotive appliances, motorcycles; Honda series, suzuki series, yamaha series, jialing series, lifan series, construction series, bajaj series, biaggio series, KTM series, etc
Our Certificate
Its brands zaogn "zhaoguang" and JD "intersection" are both national registered trademarks, "ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, invention patent, utility model patent, appearance patent certificate more than 10 kinds
鈼?In 2016, it was rated as a key science and technology enterprise in chongqing by chongqing science and technology commission of China.
鈼?In 2018, it was rated as an environmental protection brand in China's auto parts industry
鈼?In 2019, Chongqing high-tech enterprise nominated by chongqing science and technology commission
Production Equipment
CNC voltage power supply testing instruments and precision parts tooling inspection tools
CNC winding machine
CNC computer injection molding machine,
Vacuum dipping machine, vacuum sealing machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine, CNC constant temperature baking box
SMT automatic production line - automatic printing machine - CNC plate mounting machine -YAMAHA-Y125 mounter - wave soldering,
CNC foot cutting machine, automatic welding machine
Automatic flow production
Ccc-2 magneto comprehensive test bench,
Digital intelligent detector,
Voltage withstand test bench between coil turns,
Flash buzzer test bench,
Denso aging test bench,
Relay test bench
Laser marking machine, inkjet printer,
Production Market
Marketing area:
International -JD brand, zaogn brand and customer OEM OEM
1. Independent import and export of the company - the company has import and export rights
2. Engaged in import and export business with various import and export trading companies in guangzhou, zhejiang, shenzhen, chongqing, Harbin and Qingdao.
Europe, America, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia, Latin America,
In Europe and America, high-end motorcycles and atv digital intelligent products are the main products.
South America, North America, the Middle East, Latin America and other regions are mainly equipped with electric equipment for two-wheel fuel engines, and some regions involve digital products
Africa is dominated by traditional oil-fired motorcycle electrical appliances and coils.
Southeast Asia's traditional fuel motorcycle - based supporting products
ZAOGN zhaoguang brand, JD brand,
More than 40 special dealers in southwest China, north China, south China, northeast China and east China
Our Service
Customer enquiries - communication status and specifications, parameters, etc., can determine product specifications for quotation - such as supply and marketing contracts, customers pay a deposit of thirty percent, according to the scheduled time of delivery to provide cargo list and detail, client money - delivery to the agreed port - tracking goods - customer acceptance - keep communication to determine the customer's goods on the market response to further cooperation and communication with the customersCG125D-11 Magneto Coil in stock

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