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鈻?Our History ZIFANG was established in 1996. From 10 employees and 100 sq meter workshop to over 100 employees and 20,000 sq meter factory over 20 years development. We keep our development in stable, keeps customers鈥?demands in first and always pay great attention to customer experience. We adhere our best to what we can provide to our customer, including the most suitable materials, advanced manufacturing processes, strictly quality control and also employees. Over 200 customers in the worldwide we served and growing together. We believe that you will be our next great cooperator. 鈻?nbsp;Our Factory ZIFANG is a manufacture company in China which established in 1996.We specialize in manufacturing types of home, patio&garden decorative and related products over 20 years. We are experience in the area of research,development, production and marketing. We have professional, experienced and technical teams to assure the quality and stability of every step in products processing or business.Base on our teams and manufacture factory, we provide professional customized solutions design to our clients which have unique and individual requirements. We sincerely hope that we can have cooperation and mutual benefits with you! 鈻?nbsp;Our Product Fire glass\ echanol fireplace \gas fire pit \garden torch\ garden decor \decorative stone \ aquarium pebble \glass marble \mosaic........ 鈻?nbsp;Product Application Home, Patio and Garden Decor, Lighting, Vase Filler, DIY and Toy 鈻?nbsp;Production Market US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Japan, Korea, Asia, Africa and so on have more than 200 important customers. China Aquarium Stone manufacturers website:http://www.zifang.com/

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