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Product Introduction
Intelligent surge protection device (SPD) is a high-tech product designed for "surge protection online monitoring", 35mm DIN- rail installation design, which combines SPD and detection modules together, for on-line monitoring SPD degradation, circuit breaker working status, SPD action times (surge counting). It is realized on-line checking automatically, real-time monitoring.
Adopt RS485 cable communication transmission data for monitoring module, which can connect with background server, to record and check the data.
Product Parameter
Product feature and details
鈼?On-line checking automatically, real-time monitoring.
鈼?nbsp;Adopt RS485 cable communication transmission data for monitoring module, which can connect with background server, to record and check the data.
鈼?nbsp;Din-Rail mounting, with RS485 cable communication.
鈼?nbsp;Quick response
Product Qualification
GanDian Lightning Protection Electric co., LTD is a professional corporation which integrates the designing, producing and marketing, covers an area of 1000 square and 100 employees, locating in Wenzhou, China. The leading products include surge protective devices spd, Surge Protection Device, electric and others of more than 50 series, over 1000 varieties.
We also provide surge protectors according to customers' requirements. With strict management, standardized production workshops, advanced ERP management system, efficient workers, and professional technical personnel, we are providing customers with high quality and cheap products. We welcome the friends from all over the world to negotiate with us for the cooperation and development of lightning over-voltage protection market. Our goals: To become a professional company of designing and manufacturing over-voltage protection products and lightning products.
We have been working with surge protective devices for more than twenty years, enjoying excellent reputation in China; we are one of the pioneering companies in surge protection field in china. We have a professional team led by an expert with extensive experiences in surge protection. Our surge protective devices include power supply series & IT network series, has widely been used in the finance & banking, telecommunication, computer, cellsite, railway, airport, and many more.
Our company has always been supported by science and technology, forming the Quartet partners and working together to make the cause of high and low prosperity and development. We will make unremitting efforts to be bigger and stronger and create a better tomorrow!Our products always provide services with professional quality and technological innovation for you. Our company thinks that quality is the life. Several series of products have been recommended as quality improved products, and our enterprise was awarded as "Key Enterprise," "Civilized Enterprise" and other honorary titles by all levels of government departments. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Q1: DC power protection, control line signal protection
A: The common problems of DC power supply protection, control line signal protection and video signal protection are the same, and the connection mode is generally crimping type. The on-site engineering personnel must pay attention to the correct connection of such lightning arresters.
Q2 :Precautions for lightning protection of video signal
A:The concept of video signal lightning protection is relatively simple, but it often fails due to the negligence in the work link, and causes the video lightning protection itself to be damaged. At present, most of the signal lightning protection products on the market generally adopt two levels of protection, the former as the rough protection, the gas discharge tube as the protection device, the latter as the fine protection, and TV S as the protection device.
Q3: Protection of optical fiber communication line
A: Generally speaking, the optical fiber line does not need to be equipped with lightning surge protection device, because the optical fiber line itself does not belong to the conductor, and it will not sense and transmit overvoltage surge. However, it should be noted that the optical fiber cable generally has a metal reinforcing core and a metal armor layer to protect the optical fiber cable, so the grounding protection must be done at the entrance end of the optical fiber.
Q4: Protection of transmission lines
A: The safest way of wiring is to adopt the whole process of laying underground through metal pipes. At the same time, both ends of the metal pipes must be effectively grounded. In the actual project, in many cases, when the conditions are not allowed, the cables can be laid overhead through metal pipes in the whole process; or they can not be laid through metal pipes in the whole process, but the cables must be laid underground through metal pipes before entering the monitoring room and front-end equipment, the buried length should not be less than 15m, and the metal sheath and metal pipes of the cables can be effectively connected with the lightning protection grounding at the entry end. Surge protective devices shall be installed at both ends of all transmission lines.
Q5:Selection of surge protector for AC power supply
A:Effective lightning protection shall be provided for all incoming terminals of AC power supply of monitoring and security system. The corresponding power surge protector shall be installed at the AC power incoming line of the front-end equipment. Three level protection shall be considered for the power line entering the monitoring room. The first level power surge protector can be installed at the power incoming line of the general distribution room of the building, the second level power surge protector can be installed at the power incoming line of the distribution box on the floor where the monitoring room is located, and the third level power surge protector can be installed at the power incoming line of the important equipment in the monitoring room.
Wide variety of products, totally 6 main series and over 200 models of surge protection products.
World-class testing equipment such as impulse current generator,8/20 s lightning shock stage,10/700s shock stage, LCR digital electric bridge, discharge tube tester, etc.
Quality assurance: products are with IEC standard and GB standard, with CE certificate and could provide test reports and Certificate of origin.
Perfect pre-sale service and after-sale service, with 24 hours online trading manager service and promise 1 year free replacement and 5 years products warranty.
Production lead time: 3-5 days for sample, 7-10 days for mass order..China Surge Suppressor manufacturers

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