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Twins bamboo chopsticks
Product introduction
NameTwins bamboo chopsticks
Material100% 3-5years natural bamboo
Regular sizeStandard length are 20.5cm/21cm/23cm/24cm;
Standard thickness are 4.5-5.0mm;
Sizes can be made as per customer's require
Production typesTwins Chopsticks
Storage Life18 months
Storage ConditionStore in dry and cool place, and protect from sunlight
Product feature and application
鈼?Environment protection: bamboo have been regarded as the best substitute for trees with their unparalleled advantages.Bamboo is the 21 century ideal environmental protection material.
鈼?Strong reproductive ability:every year the bamboo grows and expands continuously through it鈥檚 own breeding.
鈼?Harder than oak and maple.
Product details
Deliver,shipping and service
Deliver : 30-40days for 1X40HQ, 20-30days for 1*20feet container.
Shipping: Sea/Express/Air
Service: Fast service reply,your online message will be answered immediately, and email answered in 12hours.
Q1: What's your company product range?
A:Disposable bamboo chopsticks,Reusable chopsticks,Bamboo Stick&Various skewer,Bamboosushi mat,Bamboo rugs&cushion,Wooden clothes peg,Solid wood furniture.
Q2:What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
A:The types of chopsticks you need,the size,the package,and the quantity.If possible,please send me the picture and design of the chopstick you need(both yours and ours picture online).
Q3: Why choosing you?What advantage do you have?
A1.Strict quality control. There are special quality inspection personnel to check the quality of every process.
2.Rich experience.More than 10 years professional chopsticks manufacturing and trading experience.
3.Stable suppliers.Large factory scale,professional employee and rich bamboo raw material resources.
The Vice-governor visits Jiangting company
Product qualification
Attend Exhibition
Company TeamDiscount Bamboo Chopsticks

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