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WUHAN KING'S LASER CO.,LTD is specialized in design, R&D, and production of industrial laser machines in the field of laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting and laser welding since 2006.
Since foundation, with strict management and innovative spirit, we have successfully developed a number of advanced expertise. Our products include laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, as well as the whole set of production solutions designed for clients. Currently, our products have been exported to USA, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, S Korea, India, Pakistan and more. They are widely used in jewellery, electronic components, manufacturing, machinery, internal combustion engines, auto parts, medicine, food, household industrial and defense industries
We not only provide clients excellent satisfying equipment but also timely lifetime services, like technical advice and after-sales service. We are glad to cooperate with the clients from all over the world.
Our Industry Park
The company is located in Sintec Photoelectric Industrial Park, Optics Valley, Wuhan, China, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters, and has technical service bases and offices in many provinces in the country.
Our Quality
We have granted ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate, CE, RoHS, and FDA Certificates. Our QC engineers carefully look after all the operations in the production and supply chain, ensuring our consistent high quality.
Our Strength
Develop products that create value for customers, and maintain the company's leading edge in technology in the industry. From the specialization of new products and new technologies to the process, production, inspection and service excellence. So far, KING鈥橲 Laser has been awarded the" Gazelle Enterprise "of Wuhan and China Optics Valley for 5 consecutive years. Among them, there are more than 10 invention patents and 6 software copyrights!
Our Service
Based on our customer-oriented marketing strategy, we set up Marketing Management Center which including National Market Department, Oversea Market Department and Customer Service Department. All these departments have qualified technicians and engineers who provide active pre-sale, sale and after-sale services within the shortest response time.We offer 24 hours after-sales service, any kind of technical support are available for you. Including Team-Viewer online, video guiding, telephone, Skype.
Our Customers
Our Core Values
Integrity, innovation, teamwork, win-win situation, the pursuit of excellence, and build a first-class brand.
Integrity: Integrity is the basic principle of KING鈥橲 Laser and employees in all business activities, daily work and interpersonal communication. It is the cornerstone based on the industry and the pursuit of long-term development. The staff of KING鈥橲 laser should be faithful to their promises, treat each other with sincerity, and operate in accordance with the law.
Innovation: Innovation is the only means for KING鈥橲 Laser to survive in market competition, and it is the source of development. KING鈥橲 Laser should break through the development limitations with technological innovation, management innovation and business innovation, and achieve excellent quality, and build KING鈥橲 Laser into a leader in China's laser industry and a leader in the global laser industry.
Teamwork: We attach great importance to the cooperation within the team, maximize the sharing of knowledge, and bring greater value to each other. Most importantly, the solution provided to customers is the crystallization of teamwork. We believe in the best results. From different perspectives, talents and experience integration.
Win-win situation: KING鈥橲 Laser is committed to achieving win-win situation with customers, employees, investors, suppliers and society. Helping customers succeed in a sustainable way is the direction of all KING鈥橲 laser staff. KING鈥橲 Laser adheres to the principles of openness, tolerance, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, and creates more value for the sustainable development of the company and society.
Our Corporate Vision
"Innovation engine" and "leading laser intelligent equipment manufacturer" in the global laser industry.
In the future, KING鈥橲 Laser will continue to adjust the industrial structure and transform and upgrade. Under the reasonable market and regional layout, it will form a powerful laser intelligent manufacturing industry chain that extends vertically and horizontally.
With global strategic vision, overall thinking of the entire industrial chain, efficient management of the entire process, comprehensive win-win cooperation, comprehensively enhance strategic competitiveness, and provide customers with comprehensive laser application solutions and cutting-edge lasers. The complete set of equipment makes KING鈥橲 Laser a leader in China's laser industry and a leader in the global laser industry.
Our Mission
Create value for customers, seek well-being for employees, and take responsibility for society
Creating value for customers: High-quality products and intimate services are our constant promise to customers. KING鈥橲 Laser is committed to growing together with customers, sharing benefits, creating the greatest value for customers, and helping customers to reach higher and larger stages.
Seeking for the well-being of employees: Employees contribute labor, creativity, and wisdom to the company, and are the creators of corporate wealth. KING鈥橲 Laser is always committed to letting employees share the fruits of corporate development and experience the warmth of the team.
Responsibility for the society: Caring for the society, giving back to the society, and serving with heart. KING鈥橲 Laser is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, operating with integrity, continuously expanding employment, and creating more wealth for the society.China Plastic Caps Laser Marking Machine

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