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Place of Origin: XiaMen,China  
Brand Name: DUP
Product Name: Three Phase Online UPS
Technology Parameter
Output Voltage:3*380VAC/400VAC(3phase + N)
Phase: Three Phase
Type: On-line
Protection: short circuit
Application : Telecommunications,Factory
Battery Type: Lead-acid
Input Frequency : 50/60HZ卤 10 %
Input Voltage:3*380VAC/400VAC(3phase + N)
Output Frequency: 50/60Hz synchronize 卤1%
Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
Display: LED
Warranty: 1 year
Main Features
* N+X parallel redundancy
* Full digital control with DSP
* Advanced IGBT rectifier
* Settable charge current on LCD
* Support generator input
* Self-testing when UPS startup
* EPO function
* Cold start
* Complete communication: RS232/ RS485/ dry contact/ SNMP
* Intelligent slot (optional): AS400 or SNMP card
* Isolation transformer box (optional)
* Temperature sensor (optional)
* Power feedback module (optional)
OFFICE, IT ROOM, INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENT, Security and Protection System, Communication System and Computer Network System
Our Advantage
*10 years experience
*Quality guarantee
*We have the complete QC process to control the quality for each order.
*24*7 After-sale service
*Professional sales teams will give you timely response
*We can give customers the most competitive price to meet your budget
Q.Do you provide samples?
A.Yes,sample order is available for quality check and market test.After we receive the sample charge,the samples will be delivered.
Q.Can you accept to use our logo?
A.We accept OEM production.
Q.What are your terms of payment?
A.We accept T/T,L/C,paypal,western union,etc.The details you can discuss with us.
Q.How about your products quality inspection?
A.We have professional AQ and QC teams,100% quality inspection is performed before goods out of the factory.
Q.Can you introduce your company?
A.It's a pleasure to present our power company! I will send you the company's introduction document later to give you a more comprehensive and direct introduction to our company's information.
Line interactive UPS for PC Packing
Single package size: 480x 290x 225MM
Single gross weight: 11KG
Trademark certificate
Production Line
Get client order - production evaluation - material preparation - material inspection - component installation - Inspection - module installation - power transmission commissioning - Inspection - finished product packaging - shipment
Our history
Receive quality complaint email or call - problem feedback - within the warranty period - replacement parts - Test - CompleteUPS System factory

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