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1、Summarize Protective capacitors are mainly used in the protection ground of series induction heating device and the resistance absorption circuit of direct connection to the protection of large current limiting current. Also can say protective capacitors for AC rotating machines, Absorption Protective Capacitors. The product performance conforms to GB/T3984-2004, the standard requirement for electric capacitor for induction heating device.(GB/T3984 – 2004 same as IEC 60110 - 1998). 2、Working conditions The altitude:<2000m Ambient air temperature:-25℃~+40℃ Environmental humidity:≤85% Capacitance tolerance:-5%~+5% Rated voltage:0.5~5 kV Rated capacitance:1~100μF Rated current:MAX200A Protection level:1P00,indoor instalation The product performance conforms to: GB/T 11024—2001, same as IEC 60871—1997 3、Capacitor’s shape and diagram: How to order capacitors Follow our steps as below: No. 1: Send your capacitors drawing or other datas like Voltage (V), Capacity (KVAR), Frequency (KHZ), Current (A), Capacitance (uF) and Sizes etc. No. 2: If have drawing then we will redrawing for your reference; If don’t have drawing, then tell us datas like above No. 1, we will draw for you as our smallest sizes and send you to confirm. No. 3: After drawing confirmed then offer you best prices. No. 4: Sign contract and send deposit. No. 5: Start produce and inform you about process, ensure finishing goods on time. No. 6: Testing and packing. No. 7: Delivery goods after finished balance amount. No. 8: Offer professional after sales service. Certificates: Environmental Management System Certificate Quality Management System Certificate Work Safety Standardization Certificate Famous Brand in Hangzhou---Onlystar New Patent 1. New Patent 2. New Patent 3. Business License. Trade Mark Registration Certificate. Renewal Of Trademark Registration Certificate. AA Level of “ Keep Contacts Regard Credits” Certificate. Registration Form For The Record Of Foreign Trade Operators.Absorption Protective Capacitors factory website:http://www.hhcapacitor.com/protective-capacitors/absorption-protective-capacitors/

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