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Our History
Yueqing Tianen Meter Factory was established in 2000. Tianen is a professional manufacturer of Series TE2000 cast aluminum differential pressure gauge, series TE5000 differential pressure gauge (It has got national patent of utility model. The no. is ZL 2004 2 0020747.5), series TEA700 Differential Pressure Manometer, Series BUQK Explosion-Proof Ball Float liquid Level Controller, UQK stainless steel ball float level controller, TEK-1 Plastic water level controller, FQS Stainless steel ball float switch, Series UQK-61 magnetic ball float level controller, LKB-01 Differential Pressure Target type Flow Controller, content gage, complete spare parts of float, differential pressure indicator, series HFS flow switch, etc.
In striving to carry out its goal of "Superior products, reasonable price and perfect service ", Tianen actively adopts advanced management mode, dedicates to innovate and upgrade continuously, motivates employees' potential and professional dedication. Besides, Tianen implements total quality control, advocates producing products just as making art work, strives to excellence. These policies instill strong feeling of “Quality is business life " in Tianen employees to realize high quality and zero defect and provide attractive quality products prime service for its customers.
Our Factory  
Yueqing Tianen Meter Factory has two registered trademark which is ' MAGRFHELIC ® ', ' MAPRESSURE ®'. Tianen adheres to the "concentration, innovation, perseverance and development" value system to optimize the production technology and improve the quality. Tianen has always attached importance to the cooperation among all departments to achieve staffs’ full potential and strength.
Tianen has offered OEM and ODM service for many excellent instrument factories at home and abroad since the site. And Tianen has earned confidence and cooperation from these factories.
Goals to strive for
1. Tianen adheres to the "high quality, rigorous attitude, constantly development and continuously update" business philosophy to lead us toward perfect quality.
2. Service tenet: Begin with the sincerity, concentrate on the details, committed to the quality.
3. Management ideas: Quality+ Working by heart = Integrity-based
4. Future vision: In the aspects of social responsibility, enterprise innovation and family responsibilities to realize the full development of the entire team.
We appreciate the support and encouragement of the old and new customers, and we are very pleased to welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit foundry and negotiate business.

Our Product  
Tianen is a leading manufacturer of differential pressure gauge, differential Pressure Manometer, differential pressure switch,  float control switch, water level controller, capsule pressure gauge, etc.
Product Application  
Our products are used in HAVC system, clean room, fan and blowing machine, resistance of filter, wind speed, furnace pressure, differential pressure of pore plate, the pressure of drum water level, liquid amplifier and hydraulic pressure system, barrel, trough or well, etc.

Production Equipment  
We have our own producing equipment, calibration equipment, testing equipment and packaging equipment, etc.
Production Market  
Tianen is the leading manufacturer of differential pressure products. Our own brands are well known in differential pressure gauges circles in China. As the sole representative in the industry, we was invited by Beijing institute of metrology to draft the calibration regulation of differential pressure gauge in 2017. Our products are popular in domestic and foreign market. We offer OEM service for many customers all over the world.
Our service  
1) PROFESSIONAL: We're professional manufacturer with technical equipment and trained employees
2) STRICK QUALITY CONTROL: We have strict Quality Control System to ensure quality of goods
3) COMPETITIVE PRICE: High quality level with competitive price to help you gain competitive advantage
4) GOOD SERVICE: Provide good service in all process
5) OEM ARE WELCOMED: We accept any kinds of OEM design, and try our best to meet the request
6) VIP FAST PRODUCTION: Goods will be done at the time of delivery and be shipped safely to make customers at ease.
Our Certificate  low price Explosion-Proof Ball Float Liquid Level Controller

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