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Xi’an Changxin Hardware Co. LTD is one credible supplier in China, who is specializing in all kinds of hose pipe and pipe fittings
It continuously engages into the perfection of the company's international sales. With the idea of innovation and stable development, our company is committed to satisfy the demand of consumers and provide various types of functional products with excellent quality and competitive price.
STRONG SERVICE TEAM: Our clerks already worked in the international trade for more than 5 years. They are all familiar with the exporting process, and know well how to meet our customers’ request. And we make response quickly and keep our customer informed of every details.
WIDE PRODUCTS RESOURCE: We are a manufacture of flexible hoses. At same time, we also established friendly cooperation with more than 20 factories, who are producing stainless steel pipe fittings with high quality products at reasonable prices. We can offer you products according to customer's samples. We can collect all information and choose suitable products for our customers.
STRICT QUALITY CONTROL:  We pay more attention to the quality control. Our inspection department must be in the workshop to inspect the goods before shipment according to customer’s request of products. Water test, gas test and pressure test are our usual tests. If there is any problem, we will make newly or replace it. So please believe what we ship to you is what you want. Our exist is one kind of powerful guarantee to quality.
FAST SHIPPMENT: We have good relationship with more than 10 shipping forwarders in Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin and so on. They quote us the lowest freight so that we can offer the goods at competitive price. We can keep you informed of the situation of the goods. And we can arrange shipment 20-25 days after receiving deposit.
We hope our good service motivation will bring more benefits to our customers!
We hope to build a splendid future by joint efforts!pipe holder supplier

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