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RisingSun Membrane is a professional membrane products' manufacturer for Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, and Tubular Anode Cells.We are and will be always focusing on membrane research and development to meet customers' strict filtration needs.
RisingSun Membrane is located in the capital of China, Beijing. We supply spiral-wound, flat & tubular type membrane products. Besides, we are active for specialty membrane development for wastewater treatment, Biotech fermentation, Pharmaceuticals intermediates, Dye and E-coat process.
RisingSun Membrane Products includes the following:
1, Spiral MF, UF, NF, RO membrane elements
2, Electrocoating UF membrane elements
3, Electrocoating Tubular Anode Cells
4, Flat sheet MBR module
5, Spacer Tube Reverse Osmosis (STRO) membrane
6, Disc Tube RO (DTRO) membrane
We cooperated with a great number of clients worldwide. Our key employees have more than a decade experience in membrane production and applications.
Our membrane products are widely used in the following industry, such as Wastewater treatment
--- Landfill leachate
---Municipal wastewater
---High salt industrial water
Biotech fermentation
---Enzyme concentration
---Chondroitin Sulfate concentration
---Recovery of gelatin
---Dye color removal
Pharmaceuticals intermediates
---Antibiotics concentration
---Purification of antibiotics & Vaccines
Electrocoat paint recovery
We meet ISO9001:2008 management;
We are high-technology enterprises of China;
We have more than 10 certificate of patents
We use automatic production equipment, including membrane sheet cutting machine, membrane rolling machine, membrane welding machine.
For Flat sheet MBR plate, we use Thermal melting welding Technology to keep membrane sheet and ABS plate strong adhesive.
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market.All of our overseas sales can speak fluent English for good communication; also they are all very professional on membrane technology. Our main overseas market:
Europe 40.00%
Asia 50.00%
North America 10%
Our wastewater treatment membranes such as flat sheet MBR membrane module, Spacer Tube RO, and Disc Tube RO membrane have a very good performance; they can do good replacement for other brands.
Our sales people are professional on membrane products and membrane applications; They can recommend you proper membrane products based on your current membrane brand and model, or your thought for a new application. Most of our membrane products are available at stock, for urgent request, we can ship by express company like DHL, Fedex. Usually, we ship by common air to save cost. For your finally operation, we offer good after service. Any questions, contact us freely~Electropaint UF Membranes price
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