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Our History
LIAN DUNG is established. With registered capital at NT$5,000,000 with 12 employees.
UL and CSA listed.
Australian certification SAA and TCA obtained.
Acquired all major European approvals (e.g., VDE, KEMA, IMQ, CEBEC, OVE, SEV). At the same time declared CE marking.
LIAN DUNG (Taiwan) factory relocation, and the number of employee had been increased to 80 people.
ISO 9002 certified.
Dongguan LIAN DUNG ELECTRIC FACTORY is established. The total number of employees is 200.
Hangzhou LEADERSHIP ElECTRIC COMPONENT CO.,LTD is established in China.
Yacenter Electric Co., Ltd is established in Dongguan, China.
Dongguan LIAN DUNG ISO 9002 certified.
Argentina certification IRAM obtained.
The first company in Asia area obtained Brazil certification INMETRO.
Hangzhou LEADERSHIP ISO 9002 certified.
The annual capacity reached to sixty million pcs in 2001. The total Number of employees in LIAN DUNG group reaches to 900.
BSI Kitemark certification obtained.
CCC (China certification), PSE (Japan certification), and KS (S.Korea certification) obtained.
Wu-Li Electric Wire Cable Co., Ltd joins to Lian Dung group.
ISO 14001 certified.
Compliance with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC legislation.
Israel SII Safety mark obtained.
Hangzhou Leadership QC080000 certified.
Dongguan K-Link Electric Co., Ltd is established in Dongguan,China.
Thailand standard approved by TISI.
Dongguan Lian Dung Electric reorganized and changed the name to Dongguan Lian Dung
Electric Ltd.
Saudi Arabian standard approved by SASO.
ENEC mark of European safety standards obtained.
Indonesia SNI Certification obtained.
Singapore approval PSB obtained.
Anhui Lian Dung established in Anhui, China.
Our Factory
In 1989, Lian Dung was established by our president
Lian Dung Electric Wire Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 in Feng Yuan. As one of the most famous international power cords, few years ago, Lian Dung started setting up subsidiary companies in different country; there are 3 factories in China (in Dungguan and in Hangzhou) and one branch office in Hong Kong.
Growth & Improvement
We start from a small factory, owning few items to sell then we have a complete series of product in electrical wire/plug/connector, in the end we become a well-organized group. No matter what we are making and no matter how many quantity it has been made, we are persisting our expertise in this field and maintain the policy of making the better for tomorrow.
Quality, Quality...and Quality
How we can do to stick to the quality issue? We did a lot in every aspect: For example, for customer focus, we tried to increase revenue and market share through fast/flexible responses. As to the leadership, increase employee motivation towards company goals and objectives. Then, for people involvement, create innovative solutions to further company goals and objectives. In process approach, we decrease costs and cycle time through effective resource management. Speaking of management system approach, we have to integrate and align the processes that best achieve the desired results. In the meantime, for continual improvement, we gain competitive advantages through improved company capabilities. Lastly, for supplier relationships, we develop mutually beneficial relationships to reduce costs of resources.
Our Product
鈼?New Products
鈼?AC Power Cord
鈼?Magnetic Power Cord
鈼?Fan Power Cord
鈼?DC Power Cord
鈼?Wire Harness
鈼?Strain Relief
Product Application
鈫?Audiovisual surveillance and communications
鈫?Computer & Server
鈫?Cosmetology Baby Products
鈫?Household appliances
鈫?Power Tools
Our Certificate
Jan. 2015Compliance with DINP < 1000PPM
Aug. 2009Compliance with REACH (SVHC)
Jun. 2009Taiwan LianDung ISO 9001:2008 obtained.
Oct. 2008Compliance with PAHS, PFOS and PFOA.
Jan. 2008Hangzhou Leadership QC080000 certificated
Jan. 2006Compliance with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC legislation.
Feb. 2003ISO 9001:2000 certificated.
Apr. 2001Hangzhou Leadership UL and ISO 9002 certificated.
Jan. 1999Dongguan LianDung UL and ISO 9002 certificated.
Dec. 1997Taiwan LianDung UL and ISO 9002 certificated.
Production Market
鈼?Europe VDE
鈼?Europe safe ENEC
鈼?United Kingdom BSI
鈼?Australia SAA
鈼?Taiwan BSMI
鈼?China CCC
鈼?Italy IMQ
鈼?Switzerland S plus
鈼?Israel SII
Our Service
Since Lian Dung Electric Wire Material Co., Ltd was establish, we always take "hardworking, trustworthiness and harmony to be our Business philosophy; We profession manufacturer worldwide approved power cord, and offer the plentiful technology strong background, reasonable price, well marketing network, goods service and continuous improvement.
Quality Policy and Commitment: ISO 9001 : 2015
Environmental Policy: ISO 14001锛?015
鈼?Comply with regulatory requirements.
鈼?Conserve energy and nature resources.
鈼?Continuous imporvement.Argentina Power Cord To IEC320 C7 suppliers

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