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Item No.60101719 Materialstainless steel(inside 304 Stainless Steel+outside ABS plastic ) Size14.6x8.3x8.3cm Color can be customized Weight180g Capacity400ML Packing color box CTN Meas.48x40x48cm QTY/CTN60pcs MOQ600pcs Usagetravelling water bottle Sample Time5-7 days Product Description The 99.9%marble stainless steel tumbler looks exactly like the Canon 24-105mm camera lens.Complete with the focus ring and grip, coffee lovers and camera aficionados will have fun with it!The stainless steel liner is easy to clean, making the beverage keep warm longer.The marble stainless steel tumbler use only high quality, food grade, recyclable materials. 鈼?Super bag!No spilled lid + retractable lid! When you're making your morning coffee, the last thing you want is the lid to pop open!Your layer cup camera lens coffee cup has a screw cap that will not move.The fully enclosed lid will not overflow!Even if you pour your coffee across the room, the lid of your coffee cup will protect the temperature of your coffee until you wake up and drink it while it's still hot. 鈼?Hot drinks keep warm longer Insulated stainless steel liner turns your cup into a convenient coffee thermos!Food-grade ABS plastic keeps your hands cool in hot liquids.From the kitchen to the car to the office -- your coffee is safe from the early glare. 鈼?Don't like coffee?No problem -- it has multiple USES If you're not the kind of person who likes to hold a hot coffee cup in both hands, you can still enjoy this fun cup!Fill with a cold drink or smoothie and keep cool under the airtight lid.Or, think of it as a nice pen holder for change -- or a vase.We won't tell you how to enjoy your cup, you choose!Wholesale Single Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler website:http://www.lfdrinkware.com/stainless-steel-tumbler/single-wall-stainless-steel-tumbler/

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