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As a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of WPC (wood plastic composite) products, Greenzone was established in 1999.
Our continuous improvement and innovation resulting in the delivery of high quality products and services, our brand has been awarded 鈥淭op 10 Eco-wood manufacturer of China鈥?
Our versatility and products performance are instrumental to the continued success of various projects completed within many local government projects, and overseas commercial, residential and industrial applications.
Being at the forefront of innovation, product development and performance in WPC. After many years of extensive application, the reputation of our brand has grown to the point where today our products are specified far and wide, both nationally and internationally.
All Greenzone products are produced with 95% recycled material including plastic bottles, reclaimed wood fibers, and other products that would normally end up in a landfill. Prevent forest depletion through the sustainable use of recycled material and environmentally friendly.
Greenzone, make your life closer to nature!

Our History
Production transformation
2003   Creat GREENZONE Brand
Launched Interior WPC profiles
2009  Creation of natural wood grain
2012  Awarded as the Top Chinese ECO-WOOD brand
2013  Released Innovative 3D wood grain surface
2014  Invested production base in Chaozhou for outdoor profiles
2015  Creation of PVC Co-extrusion technology for outdoor use
2016  Released PE outdoor products with Co-extrusion technology
2017  Creation of 3rd generation  outdoor decking
2018   3D Ultra-natural embossing for 1st generation decking
Our culture:
TRUTH:      Being sincere both as a person and the employee
TEAMWORK:  Work well and achiever the goal together
RESPONSIBLE: Being professional
EXCELLENT :  Keep moving forward and doing better
EFFECTIVE :  Producing a successful result
WIN-WIN :   Win-Win for the clients and our company
wholesale Solid Plastic Decking

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