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Product Introduction
PPGI Corrugated Sheet Metal Roofing features good adornment, anti-erode performance and strong coating adhesive. This coil has extreme smoothness and superior corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and weldability, thus it is widely used in construction. It is a effective, direct and convenient way for anti-corrosion, and is in line with international standards. With easy installation and transportation, this PPGI Corrugated Sheet Metal Roofing can well shorten the construction period and save labor cost.
PPGI Corrugated Sheet Metal Roofing is composed of the base steel, top and back side coating, painting, and the protective layer, so you can get a coil with compact structure, good rigidity and durability. With its amazing outdoor performance, and its various color painting with good gloss, you can apply it to any facilities in need of covering or protecting from corrosion.  
Product Parameters
Product namePPGI Corrugated sheet metral Roofing
Width before corrugated750-1250mm
Width after corrugated665-920mm
LengthAny length is ok
Wave depth16(+/-2mm)
Zinc coating30--275g/m2
Surface TreatmentRegular Spangle/Zero Spangle Skin Passed, Chromated, Oiled, Dry
ApplicationCarport, Hotel, House, Kiosk,Booth, Office, Sentry Box,Various roofs and walls referring to the  large size factory buildings, storages,exhibition halls, convention centers etc.
PackingExport standard seaworthy packing
BOTTOM steel pipe pallets
OUTSIDE Covered by thick brown carton board on four sides for protection
film protected , Iron packing belts,galvanized steel plate
SHIPMENT Length: 鈮?m, loaded in 20GP Container.
Length: 鈮?2m, loaded in 40GP Container.
Package quantity 2000pcs-600pcs  package or depends on your require
Easy installation and cut
High strength and long span
Long life span:more than 15 years
Low foundation cost
Time and labor saving
Specifications and Style
Our CustomersChina Ppgi And Ppgl Roofing Sheets manufacturers

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