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Our History
Ningbo Lito Auto Parts Co., Ltd, is an auto parts company, professionally specialize in manufacturing and R&D automotive rubber hose such as Radiator Hose, Turbo Hose, Fuel Hose, Brake hose, Breath Hose and Air Intake Hose for more than 10 years.
We mainly serve in OEM market and middle & high end after market, concentrating on improving product quality, providing project solution for customers and developing new product for the market. In the past years, we have enjoyed a very high reputation from UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico clients due to our professional and responsible service.
Our Factory
Our factory is located in Ningbo China, was established in 2011, which have owned a group of experienced and skilled technicians, as well as workshop operators. We draw on the management model of developed countries, introduce advanced equipment, use high quality raw material, and control quality strictly, that has been acknowledged by the domestic and foreign market of primary and secondary supporting service, as well as aftermarket.
Our Product
Radiator Hose, Turbo Hose, Fuel Hose, Brake hose, Breather Hose and Air Intake Hose.
Product Application
Vehicle (trucks, cars)
Our Certificate
ISO 9001 , IATF16949 , ASME
Production Equipment
Extruder, Knitter, Vulcanizer
Production Market
North America, South America, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Middle East, South Africa.
Our Service
Pre-sales: 1. Inquiry customer needs carefully including parts no, applied car model or if could send detailed requests such as drawing if need to customize. 2. Answer the doubt from customer and give your solution quickly and efficiently. 3. According to the customer鈥檚 needs, arrange the sample and deliver in specified time.
1. Confirm the order details including price, payment term, delivery time, etc with customer and place the order to production dept correctly.
2. During production, follow the production details, supervise the quality and report the schedule to customer regularly.
3. Guarantee the quality test make the perfect before shipment. 4. Send shipping documents and arrange Bill of Loading released before receiving the balance timely and correctly.
1. Inquire customer service condition, collect feedback and solve the problem in time if there is any quality problem.
2. All product from us will has 12 months warranty, it can be replaced it if there is any quality problem(the clients need to afford the freight of sending back).Rubber Hose for Car Made in China

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