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1. Product description
Greenzone outdoor decking are made of recycled natural wood powder and High Density Polyethylene(HDPE), which result in the high tensile strength and brilliant characteristic compared with the others. Looks and feels like real wood, when you walk on the decking just like a quiet excursion into the forest.
2. Product specification
Product Name:Composite Porch Decking
Item No.:DAP14011S
Size(W*T):140 x 11 mm
Length:3m, can be customized (2.2-5.8m)
Service life:15-20 Years
Application:Garden, balcony, terrace,backyard and the other outdoor spaces.
Features:Waterproof, Anti-termite, Environmentally friendly, Durable,Weather Resistant,Splinter&Warp Resistant,Stain Resistant, Easy for installation,UV Colour Stable
3. Product features
1) 4 sides full capped. capped decking is highly regarded in the decking industry due to its resistance to UV fading, scratches, and stains, be wary of companies that cut corners by only capping 1-3 sides of the board instead of all four.
2) Superb stain resistance, Greenzone outdoor flooring are resistant to permanent staining from spills of food and beverage items include mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, canola oil, tea, coffee, wine, fruit punch, and sodas, so long as such substances are promptly removed.
3) Skid resistance, more safe and barefoot friendly when kids play on the gazebo.
4. Quality Control
1) Color stability control
In order to reduce the color deviation in bulk productions, we control it from the raw material, mix the raw material and colorant with formulated percent, make sure the color sample match the color standard,and then the bulk will follow this color sample strictly to control the color.
2) Bulk production control
Raw material purchased & bulk production controlled strictly to ensure our products鈥?competition in products鈥?surface grain, durability and color control.
5. Greenzone decking project
Greenzone eco wood is widely used in the school, hotel, office,hospital, restaurant, garden, villa and apartment projects.
Below project is a 5 star hotel project in south east asia, with model DAP14011S in royal teak color.
6. Packing & Delivery
Standard Package:
Indoor product(indoor wall panel,ceiling and timber tube)--carton package,
outdoor product(outdoor decking ,cladding and timber tube)--woven bag package. Customized package such as packed with pallet can be provided.
7. FAQ
1.Do you supply sample for free or not
We can supply sample for free, you only afford the freight cost.
2. How can I get the price?
Email us your inquiry or communicate online.
3. Compared to real wood, what are the advantages of WPC?
WPC is a new type of building materials, with water resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, uv light stability, good coloring. And compared to solid wood, not easy to have termites, not easy to crack, cost-effective. Its biggest advantage is to turn waste into treasure, and can recycle 100% reproduction. Also can decompose, will not cause "white pollution", is the real green environmental protection products.
4. Which countries do you mainly export to ?
Greenzone has been cooperating with OEM Clients from UK, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and so on for 15 years!
5. What鈥?/strong>s your standard length?
2.8 meters & 5.8 meters is suggested for FCL shipment; For LCL shipment, standard length is 3 meter or any other customized length you need, 5.8 meters/pieces is the longest we can manufacture.Capped Composite Decking

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