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鈻?Our History JIAXING SHINEWORLD HARDWARE is located in JiaxingCity, which is close to Shanghai and Ningbo. We have more than 10 years experience in this line. We are specialized in various kinds of f fasteners, stamping parts, turning parts, casting parts and special parts as per clients' drawings and samples. The products can be made from carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, plastic as well as stainless steel. Our fasteners also are made according to a number of internationally recognized standards including DIN, ANSI/ASTM, AS, JIS, as well as the customer鈥檚 size. 鈻?Our Factory We have our own stamping parts factory; have 50 workers in factory, QC. We always strive to offer products of the highest quality possible and will serve you with our passion and high sense of duty. You are always welcome to visit our factories. 鈻?Our Product Fasteners, Stamping parts, Casting Part, Turning Part, Riggings Plastic and rubber products, custom 鈻?Product Application Contruction industry, electrical industry锛學ood contruction, timber-framed building锛実reen house 鈻?Our Certificate 鈻?Testing Equipment 1. Hardness Tester 2. Tensile strength Machine 3. Torque Tester 4. Projector 5. Zinc thickness tester 6. Salt Spray test machine 鈻?Production Market Now we mainly export to Europe, North of America South-east Asia and New Zealand. with good quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery time, specification, pre-sale, in-sale and price and considerate service, Our products have gained trust and reliance in many countries of the world. Shineworld is looking forward to creating a brilliant future and lead the times tendency with our customers together 鈻?Our Service Since the foundation, we always insist on development, innovation, solidarity, Progressive鈥?as our mission. With comparatively high capabilities of new product development, in process quality control, after sale service, we can satisfy customers.We have the advanced production equipments; inspection instruments and strict management system, which have ensured our powerful production capability and stable quality. Our company focuses on improving our service. We have very strong management team and skilled operators with many years of experience. We do our best to keep stable and friendly cooperation with customers. Strict quality control system; Short lead time, quick response within 12 hours; Good service after delivery. 鈻?Our Vision To provide our customers with first-class services in the supply of quality fasteners minimizing costs. We wish to build successful relations with our partners and be their first choice as an fasteners supplier with our professional customer service, and innovation in technology. Furthermore, we do not only offer you fasteners with more reasonable quality and price than your expectations, but also would like to be your friend and to provide you market sales suggestion for your reference, if you have a better idea, please feel free to share with us.Round Washer manufacturers website:http://www.cnswhardware.com/

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