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Screw Sand Washer for sale
Sand washing machine is used for washing, grading and dewatering #70 sand which is used for casting in construction field, sand plant, concrete dam field of hydropower station and post utility pole plant, quartz sand used in glass plant and pressure sand used for backfilling of oil well. It can wash and select material with fine or coarse granularity and is especially suitable for construction sand and road building sand. Generally, you will find two types of sand washers in the market, that one is called bucked wheel sand washer, and another one is spiral sand washer. Our spiral sand washer have many advantages, like simple structure, large feeding size, strong processing capacity and high washing efficiency. The moisture content of the sand is low, the mud content is low, and the output is large. It has a reasonable structural design, stable operation and convenient maintenance.
The Structure of Screw Sand Washer
The spiral sand washer does not require the use of a screen. The machine structure is simple which includes a tank, a reducer, a motor, a central shaft, a spiral blade and a bracket.
Product Advantages锛?/strong>
1.Simple structure
2.Long working
3.Large feeding size
4.Large output
4.Low operation cost
5.High reliability
6.Stable running with small noise
7.Available common wear parts anywhere
The Application of Screw Sand Washer
The stone types: limestone,basalt,granite,sandstone,shale,marble,andesite,diabase,quartz,obsidian,dolomite,gold, Iron, Copper and etc.
1. How to select a sand washing machine?
Sand washing machine is a regular equipment in sand and gravel production line, it is used for the fine-grained and coarse-grained materials processes, both cleaning, dehydration, grade three efficacy sand washing machine at the same time has also been widely used in the industry of building materials, transportation, water conservancy, chemical, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar. Sand washing machine of sand making production line equipment purchase is good or bad, is directly linked to the formation of high-quality sand and gravel aggregates. Sand washers in the market has a variety of specifications now, and can be classified into bucket wheel sand washer, and spiral sand washer. Clay content of sand is not the same, namely, in terms of sand with different soil content, the selection model of sand washing machine is not the same. If sand is relatively clean, it will be ok to use a single wheel sand washing machine to wash it. Anyway, for dirty sand, clay content reaching thirty percent to forty percent or more, we should use double or three rounds of sand washer or double screw sand washing machine to wash for a few times. If clay content is higher, I think you should consider the rationality of the investment, there would be no need to be washed. So everyone in choosing a set of sand washing machine, are sure to choose corresponding sand washing machine according to the actual situation of sand clay content, to achieve expected effect.
2. What is the main parameter for the sand washing machine?
You have to pay attention on its tank volume, motor power, spiral blade's quality, and so on.
3. I have compared many sand washers. Does your product have any obviously advantages?
As a member of truemax group, we have been suppling crushing machine for more than 20 years. The quality and market reputation are guaranteed. The steel brand we choose Bao Steel. The bearing and motor are also high-level brands in Chinese market. Therefore, all the key parts are processed by our factory. We never reduce the quality and weight to reduce costs. Our technical team has full experience in debugging and assembly to ensure the crusher in best situation.
4. Can I put my own logo and color on the equipment?
We are an OEM factory, all the equipment in here can be personalized .
Product Picture
Product Parameter
ModelScrew Diameter
(mm)Chute Length(mm)Feed Size(mm)Processing Capacity(tph)Screw Speed(rpm)Power(kW)Water Consumption (tPh)Overall Dimensions
Screw Sand Washer Showcaselow price Sand Washer

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