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Our Company was established in 2006 in China. At the beginning of establishment, the company specialized in manufacturing and import and export business. With over ten years鈥?development, it has become a comprehensive company in the field of manufacturing, international trade agency and overseas warehousing service.
The monthly output of our company is 9000m鲁 plywood, 10000m鲁 construction film face plywood and 8700 m鲁 OSB. Film face plywood is mainly used on constuction site and scaffold structure. Other main products include PP film face plywood that can be reused for over 30 times, full plastic construction board that can be reused for over 50 times, T-11 plywood, special sized plywood, paper plywood, container floor plywood, LVL, Block board with Melamine paper, engineered veneer, natural wood veneer and MDF.
Our company execute strict implementation of quality control system. All the products are 100% inspected before packing and loading. With experienced international salespersons and high-demanded Quality Control staffs, we ensure you good quality products and great after-sale service. Domestic and overseas customers speak highly of our products, which attracts more valued customers. Upholding the principle of high-demanding of our own, the company has gained CE, European FSC Forest Certification, American CARB Certification, ISO Quality System Certification and etc..
In order to serve our valued customer best:
Dubai branch company CLEAR CERAMIC BLDG.MAT. TR. was established in 2007;
Vietnam branch company SAGACITY SAILING INDUSTRY CO., LTD in 2016;
India branch company GOLD PROMISES PVT LTD in 2019;
Thailand branch company GOLD PROMISES GROUP CO., LTD in 2020.
Company has been cooperating tightly with craft brothers from all over the world by good quality product and professional service and aims to have equality and mutual benefit.
Our vision is to establish ourselves as a supplier in the global wood-based product industry.
Our mission is to make every house become alive with our product, provide new solution for wood product industry and achieve eco-friendly concept implementation. Welcome to Linyi Global Promises. Together we can build bright future.Vietnam Packing LVL manufacturers

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