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About us
Grandco, registered as ZHEJIANG GRAND INDUSTRY CO. LTD., is a leading manufacturer and exporter with 25 years' experience.
She have two factories and one is located in Changxing which is 180km away from Shanghai  seaport.  Covers a total area of  20,000 sqm and has 70 workers. Certified by BSCI, Sedex, WMT audits.  She is equipped with improved machines and several production lines under professional management.
And  another one is located in Qingyuan which is in the south of Zhejiang, which is 500km away from Ningbo seaport. Total has 20,000 sqm and 100 workers and has been  passing BSCI audit and FSC certificate.
Her Customer Center is located in Hangzhou, which is well-known by West Lake, G20  Conference 2016 and Alibaba Headquarter. It's very convenient for our overseas customers to travel to Hangzhou by plane, and to Changxing by train or car from anywhere in China.
Grandco is a professional manufacturer producing various kinds of bags, baby textile products, Covers, flags, home textile products, kitchenware, pets products, etc.
Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, South Africa, Australia and Asia. Trust us and start with a trial order, so you would be rewarded with our "Price, Quality and Best Service鈥?
Welcome the customer from all over the world come and visit us. Please contact us without any hesitation.
Factory 1
Factory 2
Exhibition & Sample Room
CertificatesBamboo Serving Tray manufacturers

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