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Industrial brewery 1000L 10 barrel brewing equipment
Industrial brewery 1000L it is great solution for starting your own brewing business.Performance of this set is 1000 liters of wort per brew
1000L consists of kettle(4 vessel),cooling compartment,fermentation room and additional equipment.4 vessel kettle will allow you to increase the number of brews per day and this increase the volume of beer.
You can buy brewing equipment set 1000L and get more information by making beer
1000L 4 vessel beer brewhouse(kettle):mash tun,lauter tank,brew kettle,whirlpool tank
The fermentation tank
The ever increasing competition force brewers to search methods of acceleration of beer production.CCT(fermentation tank) is the best option for rapid fermentation and maturation of beer.
The main advantage of cylindrical-conical tank is the fact that fermentation and after fermentation extends uninterruptedly without requiring of transfusion in other containers.It reduces the cost of beer reparation,but also greatly increase its flavoring qualities
1000L Beer Brewing System( For Reference)
Brewing systemComponentsCapacitySpecification
Crushing systemMiller300-500KG/HDouble Roller, Noise<60db
Mashing systemMash tun
1000LMashing Process: Decoction, Infusion. Multi-step infusion. Steam heating with natural gas boiler with CE Certificate.
Lauter tank
Kettle/Whirlpool tank
Pump5T/hPower is 1.5KW.
Fermenting systemFermentation tank12pcs*1000L or 6pcs*2000LDimple plate jacket for cooling, dry hops in the top of tank.
Bright beer tank12pcs*1000L or 6pcs*2000LCarbonation port to fill CO2, Make beer clear and refresh.
Cooling systemGlycol water tank3000LUse for cooling wort, fermentation tanks and BBT.
Chiller2*5HPWorld-Famous Coolsoon brand, use for Glycol water tank.
Cleaning systemDisinfection tank
100LEquip with electric heating elements, clean for all the tanks when it finish brewery.
Alkali Tank
Control systemPID Semi-AutoInstrument panelControl all tank's temperature, motor and pump's show on/off
OptionalAuger System/Grain Case/Grist Hydrator
PLC Controller for brewhouse
Filtration system/Bottle filling system/Beer selling system
VoltageCustomer customized
Accurun beer equipme Taian Accurun Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture of brewery equipment,certified by CE,PED. We are specialized in brewery design,manufacture,installation and commissioning.With fine workmanship,excellent performance and simple operation,Accurun Brewery Equipment is your wise choice for beer brewing.No matter in appearance,quality,technology or service,Accurun product stands for the top level of beer brewing equipment domestically and worldwide.As an Original Design Manufacture,Honglin Brewery Equipment perfectly fits various brewing process.Our engineers had been sent all over the world for brewery designing,installation, training and technical supporting .
Our company also can supply more types brewery equipment,so we can suggest you the best one brewery for you to come true your brewing dream Beer Brewing Equipment price

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