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Qingdao Haizhirui Import & Export Co., Ltd. is one of the large professional manufacturer of automobile wheel rim in China. Products range covers tubeless steel wheel, forged aluminum wheel and tube steel wheel as well. Widely used to commercial vehicles like heavy duty trucks, trailers, buses, coaches, light duty van etc, ADVANCE WHEEL brand wheels have been exported to overseas market constantly, and quality is very well appreciated by the market.
Certificated by American Smithers certification, German TUV certification, Japan VIA certification, Brazilian INMETRO certification, IATF: TS16949 quality system certification and ISO 14004 environmental management system certification, ADVANCE WHEEL brand wheels are guaranteed with stable quality and reliable performance.
With factory introducing advanced equipment from all over the world, such as 6000 tons, 12000 tons, 800 tons , three-step straight press forging machine, flow forming machine, T6 heat treating system, Robotic operating Platform and Automated Control Line from USA, achieving CNC automation forging process, our mainly products-Light weight, strong loading capacity fully forging aluminum wheels and tubeless steel wheels are designed aiming at high-end overseas and OEM markets.
Our forged aluminum wheel factory facility is one of the large professional forged aluminum wheels manufacturers, which is covering an area of 320, 000 square meters. It鈥檚 mainly products are forged aluminum wheels which apply to all variety of commercial vehicles, such as heavy duty vehicles, bus, coaches, trailers, passenger cars and dangerous goods transport vehicles. Introduced the most advanced technology of 12000 ton forging press machine, T6 Heat treatment furnace with continuous heating feature, the material loading and unloading system, the using of robot and automatic control platform, automated material bar cutting process machine from Taiwan, high-end flow forming equipment, optical spectrum testing equipment, supersonic devise, fluorescent flaw detector, impact testing device, fatigue testing machines, etc., it has formed a high level automated forged aluminum wheels production base with the most pressing capacity of forging machines all over the world.
With adopted the fully tracking monitor system, all producing processes will be tracked thoroughly, from the material coming in, material bar cutting, forging, flow forming, heat treatment, CNC machining, surface treatment, finishes appearance checking to the final package. Our factory has obtained the quality certification of Germany TUV product certification, American Smith test, American DOT registered, IATF 16949, ISO14001, Brazil Inmetro, etc. Our factory lead-in the international running management method, establishing teams of researching, production and management, which are formed by foreign experts from European and domestic senior experts.
Core Value: Professional team gathering, Advanced technology applied, Forging quality products.
Management Theory: Each wheel is the quality symbol.
Our Mission: Lead a safe and light weight future.19.5 Aluminum Semi Trailer Wheels

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