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Who We Are
HENAN PROVINCE NON-FERROUS METAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "HNNM鈥? was established in 1984, the predecessor was HENAN PROVINCE NON-FERROUS METAL INDUSTRY COMPANY, and its registered capital was fifty million Chinese Yuan.

What We Do

With over 20 years international business experience, based on couples of production bases in China, HNNM has a holistic understanding of the technology, market, and international logistic to supply high quality products and build strategy business relationship with partners all over the world.

HNNM is the largest manufacturer and distributor of fluorine salts, lithium chemicals, electronic chemicals and aluminum products all over the world.

Our main products closely around fluorine industry chain, semiconductor industry chain, new energy vehicle industry chain, aluminum industry chain and etc.

Chemicals, Metals, Minerals, Ingredients, lithium battery, Electronic vehicle and more鈥?

Why Choose Us

HNNM is the largest exporter of fluorine salts, lithium salts in China for the past ten consecutive years.

HNM has its own logistic company, its own warehouse based on the main port of China Mainland. Abundant international transportation experience including bulk shipment, container shipment, railway transportation and air transportation.

HNNM with the excellent technical strength, strong R&D Strength, high quality professional research team, in the course of several decades of development, continued product innovation, provides best performance and quality products to the customers.

HNNM laboratory is National Accredited Laboratory.

HNNM has its own Fluorine and Silicon new materials development and research center, which is accredited to be National technology center.

Management Idea
HNNM adheres to honesty, and carries out the management idea of specialized operation and management mode of marketing operation; Through trade, agency, futures, investment, finance and other forms, it constantly explores and innovates its business model; It strengthens the industry chain value research and found, focuses on financial attributes of goods, and implements the business strategy of research and investment intergration as well as futures trading and spot trading integration; It makes full use of two resources at home and abroad to meet the needs of partners to the greatest extent.

Relying on its own resource superiority in non-ferrous metal, HNNM does further research on driving force of the products and forms a business mode and trading system of combination of present and future and investment of industry chain. It devotes itself to create the industry-leading integrated service provider of non-ferrous metals.

We are willing to cooperate with you, develop jointly and create a better future.

Henan Province Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Room 505, Building 7 Kineer Center, No. 51 Jinshui East Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, P.R. China
FAX:+86-371-63975077Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid manufacturers

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