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Our History
Dong tai City Dong fang Marine Fitting Co., Ltd. was restructured in 2001 on the base of "Eastern Shipping Assemble Factory" found in 1982. Our company is one of the leader enterprises of marine fire fighting, life saving, anti-pollution products.

Our Factory
Our company is fully equipped with 150 sets of Production Facility, our technical force is strong with all kind of professional and technical personnel, about 52 persons, including 14 persons of senior engineers, the professor-level 4 persons of senior engineers; production experience is rich with 84 various types of skilled workers, of whom 14 persons were senior technicians.

Our Product
Our company is mainly engaged in 15ppm Bilge Separator, Sewage Treatment Plant, Pressure Water Tank, Sewage Holding Tank, Positive pressure 铿乺e air-breathing apparatus, Emergency escape breathing device, Protective clothing for fire-fighting, Personal equipment for fire-fighter, Simple protection suit, Monitor, Portable foam applicator, Light series(lifejacket light銆乴ifebuoy light銆乴ife raft light銆丼earch-Signal light), Immersion suits, Lifejackets, Hydrostatic release units, Sound signaling(Bell, Gong), Embarkation ladders, Pilot ladder, Thermal protective aid, sacri铿乧ial anode and so on.
All the products has got the Type Approval certi铿乧ate issued by CCS and some of them has been attested by EC銆丷S銆乁SCG銆丄BS銆丅V and so on.

Product Application
Our product can use in Water search and rescue, fire fighting , limit movement and so on.

Production Equipment
The company is fully equipped with 150 sets of Production Facility, such as CNC lathes, drill presses, planers, milling machines, sawing machines, CNC wire cutters and so on; the inspection equipments are complete, provided with about 20 sets of advanced equipments, such as combination type inspection instrument for air breathing apparatus ,light intensity test instrument for life saving indicator lights, OWS control table, STP control table, Physical and chemical laboratory, lithiumion battery discharge tester and so on.

Production Market
In recent years, our firefighting equipments have been sold to Yemen, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, France, Korea, Japan, Australia, Argentina, India and so on, more than 10 countries. Our product also has obtained a good reputation in foreign countries. the company is implementing the "one-stop" service, from sales, product development production, quality control and after-sales service, every aspect is strictly controlled by professionals, and strive to provide customers with all-round, high quality and ef铿乧ient services.

Our Service
We can provide high service during business, cherishing the enterprise idea spirit of "integrity, dedication, innovation, ef铿乧iency" welcome guests and friends at home and abroad to visit our company!Single Air Chamber Marine Infaltable Lifejacket for sale

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