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Shenzhen Shengpeng Metal Products Co., LTD., founded in 2003. Is committed to CNC precision machining, mainly to provide medical parts processing, communications parts processing and photoelectric parts processing, auto parts, CNC precision machining, CNC machining CNC CNC machining, non-standard parts, complex parts processing, and customized CNC machining, etc., with rapid response ability, and quality guarantee system and level of cost control as the core competitiveness, in the provision of specific products and processing services, we through the more close to the customer technical service, quality, process and business processing capabilities to provide customers with value-added services, make customers more focus on their main business, so as to improve customer value.
Shengpeng company has import, domestic CNC machining center equipment nearly 20 units, a number of other ancillary processing equipment, can be engaged in single, batch and of the clamping fixture of the design, manufacture and assembly, at the same time equipped with secondary yuan, two-dimensional height meter, Hexagon three coordinates measuring instrument such as precision testing equipment, with strict quality control processes, to provide customers with stable, reliable products and services.
We by the unique management pattern and process design, in response to the industry challenges and difficulties, in low cost, small batch, high quality, rapid response customer needs to seek the optimal solution, we have our own engineering and quality security team, for customers to provide quality processing services, at the same time, you can continue to improve service, help clients to keep advantage in the tough market competition.
1. The engineering sample capacity:
We have strong comprehensive skills, fast reaction engineering sample team, specializing in the previous sample and process to explore and perfect the work, and at this stage, the accumulation and optimize the process, provide experience and data support for the mass production stage.
2. Production capacity:
We have 14 sets high-end imports of CNC machining center, the largest processing range is: 1020 * 540 * 510 mm, the machining accuracy for: 0.003 mm, with 40 CNC lathes and milling complex machine, such as Japan's nomura, Zimbabwe, longtzer, several other auxiliary equipment, and has a team of experienced locksmith finishing.
3. Quality control:
Company equipped with testing center, high-end testing equipment complete, such as the sea, kang three coordinate measuring instrument, two dimensional, two dimensional height gauge, tension gauge, hardness tester, roughness tester, salt spray tester, etc., strict quality control process, can satisfy the medical, automotive, communications, optoelectronics and other industries to the requirement of stability and reliability.
4. Technical service ability:
We can have an excellent team of engineers, in the early stages of customers new product development, sample trial production and batch production phase on demand, research and development personnel to provide on-site technical support to clients and feedback manufacturing first-hand information. At the same time, we are focus on problems of customers in cooperation with us, and the new requirements, and take this opportunity to improve our products and services.
The company spirit of "customer first, honesty first" principle, strive for with the best quality, service to every customer.
Sincere invitation to cooperate with you, common development, looking to the future!china Worm Gears factory

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