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Our History
With Ten years of years experience in the non woven machinery field and Through R&D team, samples and customized machinery are very welcome. We realized that reliable machine quality and performance, continuously after-service and innovation are keys of achieving clients'requirements.
Our Product
Non woven machinery, mask machine, PE non woven shoe cover machine, non woven cap machine, PE sleeve making machine, medical mask; hair net; shoe covers; bouffant cap; doctor cap; disposable non woven mask.
Product Application
Hospital; factory; food products factory; bakery and confectionery; personal protection; anti-dust;...
Production Market
Southeast Asia: Vietnam; India; Malaysia; Thailand; Pakistan...
South America: Mexico; Brazil; Peru;
The middle east: UAE, Iran... Also Russian; Germany; USA; Australia...
Our Service
1. We provide pre-sales, sales and after sales service, especially one year of free maintenance warranty.
2. If there are problems with the machine parts, customer can take pictures and send to us by email to explain the situation, we will help to solve it on line or by email within 24 hours. If the problems cannot be solved, we will send the spare parts to customer within 3 working days.
3. If there are big problems of the machine caused by wrong operation, we will arrange professional engineer to solve the problem in customer's factory, but all the cost including visa, air fare and accommodations must be paid by customer.
About Sample Service:
a. When you need to see the effect of our machine working, you can send your materials and samples to us, we can according to your samples to do the materials.
b. If you do not have sample's picture or sample, you can tell me your requirements, we can meet your demand to do sample and then send the sample to you, let you check the quality of samplesDoctor Cap Machine

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