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Pre-sales service:help customerss learn about our products,and lead them to choose the suitable products
On-sales service:comfirm customers’demand,offer samples,respect customers’s choice
After-sales service:solve the quality and any others problems

“High Quality,High Performance and High Efficiency”is our persistent pursuing principles.We view quality as our life,customers as our God and sincerely expect to make cooperation with you,give us support and guide.

Q: How many kinds of surface treatment?
A: We have natural color,black finished,nickel plated,chrome plated,etc.

Q:How many kinds of material?
A:We have carbon steel,alloy steel,HSS,etc.

Q: What about the delivery time?
A: For different items have different delivery time. Usually it takes 30 to 60 days.

Q: Do you have customized service?
A: According to your request, we can offer different materials, different colors and different packages.

Q:Will it rust?
A:We promise that it will not rust in two years.

Q:How long is the working life?
A:Long if there is no man-made sabotage.

Q:Is there any burrs?
A:No burrs,of course.

Contact and Feedback:
If you are interest in any of our products or any questions,please feel free to contact us.We will reply you within 24H.
Contact percon: Sunye Cao(Marketing Manager)
Fax: 86-571-82345081
Mobile: 86-13732270729
E-mail: hgtools@hgtools.com (my personal e-mail:332088188@qq.com)

Certifications:Broken Screw Extractor suppliers

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