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A Brief History of Aokai
   Yancheng Aokai Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd is an exporter, designer and manufacturer of plush toys since 1991. We are proud of our services, development and contributions to the plush toys industry over the past 25 years. However, it remains our ambition with every project - the pursuit of excellence. Over the period, Aokai has developed a reputation as one of China’s best plush toys factories. By using quality plush materials, we enjoy producing a wide range of plush toys, cushions, bedding covers and baby & infant products, for customers worldwide.
Our President
   Our President Mr Wang Jei, is a visionary and a very passionate business leader.  He is also considered a champion to all connected with Yancheng Aokai Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd.   His earliest dreams of creating a sustainable family business, and a safe family oriented  working environment, where each member of staff can realize their full potential has and is being achieved.
   In 1991 Mr Wang Jei started Aokai with 30 members of staff (including machinists), creating, developing and manufacturing plush products both as children’s toys and as homely cozy comfort items.  We saw standards rapidly improving in every department.   Mr. Wang Jie’s demonstrates an on-going passion, his strength of will, his commitment to excellence, his willingness to embrace change, and his readiness to make the necessary adjustments, by confronting new challenges head-on.  (The hallmarks of a true visionary)
   With the global child safety regulations and guidelines very frequently updating.  All of which set the stage for Aokai Arts & Crafts readily embraced and  became, not, just one of China’s best plush toys & products manufacturers, but to also gain international recognition, and be an essential player & contributor in what had fast become a global market.
Where is Aokai?
   Yancheng Aokai Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd today, is located in Dongtai, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The Company has greatly expanded, and now employs over 500 hundred members of staff.  The company covers 40,000m, with an increased capital of 80 million RMB, in the East China region.  Aokai is able to invest and further update its machinery to meet the newest demands.  To enhance the quality of its products and productions, plus better service all customers.  Aokai now have computerized clipping machines, laser cutting machines, more than 200 computerized sewing machines and several needle detectors.  More importantly all members of staff receive on-going training to adapt to the changes being introduced.
The Sewing Room
   The original members of staff that joined Aokai when the company started trading are still with the company and have grown to 300 strong.  Their commitment to the cause and wantonness to find a solution in meeting the tight deadlines is breathtaking.  And the quality of their workmanship is continually complimented by the recipients. The team especially display in their everyday labour Aokai’s true values “INTEGRITY and UNITY”.   The company’s work ethic and team-spirit has enabled Aokai, to advance in this very competitive market.
Aokai Products
   Here is a list of some of the items Aokai produces on a regular basic:
· Plush toys – A wide range of animals and other creatures
· Electric and battery operated toys
· Comfy cushions, throws, pillows and pillow cases
· A wide variety of baby products to include: toys, blankets, socks and sleeping bags
· Bed sheets and covers
· Customization:  meaning we can, and do modify items to match our customer’s requirements.
Aims and Objectives
   The main aim and objectives at Aokia is to continue working deligently, and be committed to excellence.  The everyday challenge is to ensure every product leaving our factory is of good quality.  The resolve is to satisfy every customer needs, both those that have been in our books from the very start, our treasured international clients, and those setting out in their newest adventure.  With the president’s drive and ambition remaining fresh today as at the beginning, Aokai Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd will continue to offer the very best service.
Honorary certificates
Sales market
   We have produced product for different counties all over the world. Our main sales market is North American and Southern Europe!Dolphin plush toys suppliers

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