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Wuxi Ybolan Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd, was found in 2010, doing CNC machines and parts selling, the company soon expanded its business into high precision machining and CNC machinery manufacturing. Ybolan has full of experiences in these two specialty fields, strict factory management, keeping promise, making the company has very good reputation in the industry.
One field is doing high precision machining, a factory specialized in aluminium, steel and other metal processing, also aluminium related materials supplying. High precision processing, milling, drilling, tapping, chamfering together, machining on various materials, such as aluminum, steel, titanium, composites in aluminium, auto parts, aerospace, railway, windows and doors, curtain wall and other industries. With best processing technology to make sure of good quality for our clients. Advanced engineers’ team with more than 18 years in machining industry, making our processing arts are excellent for every client. Successful international processing projects, like LED street light pole project from Australia, mechanical parts project from Japan, cross girder for 3D printer project from Japan, transportation parts project from Canada.
CNC metal machining factory
The other field is CNC machining center manufacturing, a factory specialized in CNC metal machining center producing, the CNC machines are with functions of milling ,drilling ,tapping, and chamfering for various profile processing, also widely used in Aluminium, Railway, Aerospace, Auto parts, Appliances, Mechanical parts and Architecture and other metal industries. With different rigidity for the spindle, different metal products in different thickness can be machined; Also with imported control system, different languages can be chose, automatically work, easily for operating, to improve your working efficiency, to reduce your manufacturing costs. Our customers are main in the aerospace, automotive, mechanism industries. We specialize in providing customized solution to our customers. No matter how different your requests are, our experienced engineers team will provide you with wonderful solutions for your approval according to your only requests.
“Clear division of labor”, “Meticulous working attitude”, “Strict quality requirements”, “Perfect management system”, “In time after-sale service”, making the factories work better and better, also making sure of the win-win for each other.
CNC metal processing machinery factorySteel Metal Processing suppliers

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