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Our History: Detai Electctrical Appliance Co.Ltd, was founded in 1995.
Our Factory: Our plant covers and area of 10.000 square meters. We have 5senior engineers, more than 20 engineering technicians and 450 workers.
Our Product: Our company specializes in manufacturing high-temperature heating element, Cartridge heater, immersion heater, copper pipes, aluminum tube and non-standard industrial heater products.
Product Application: Which are widely used in household appliance, Machinery equipment heat treatment.
Our Certificate: CE; ISO9001:2000
Production Equipment: We have the most advanced heating pipe manufacturing equipment and testing apparatuses.
Production Market: Our product are exported to southeast Asia,West Europe,North America and other coumtries and regions.
Our service: We insist on our philosophy of "surviving by quality and developing by credit" to strengthen the management, regard" sumeeting the needs of the customer" as the purpose of management and warmly welcome customers from at home and abroad to send the sample to us for developing and come to our company for negotiation, we hope our product and services can benefit your company, and our cooperation can be mutually beneficial win-win situation.Stainless Steel Immersion Tubular Heater factory

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