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Natural Types Of Pebble Stone For Sale
Our Advantages:
1)own factory
2)own quarries-imperial gold marble,Hubei G602 granite,G617,alpin white marbleetc.
3)free samples
Product Description  
Natural Types Of Pebble Stone For Sale
Hotsale Pebble stone with good price and best service,welcome to inquiry at any time.
You are warmly welcomed to visit our company and factory at your convenience.We will offer you attractive price.We look forward to a fruitfully mutual beneficial cooperation with your esteemed company.If you have any inquiry,please feel free to contact us.
Raw Material:marble,basalt,granite,sandstone,river stone,ect
Country of Origin:China.We have two kinds of cobbles,natural river pebble and machine-mad
1)100%natural pebble
3)Shiny,clean,no dust,non-toxic
Pebble Stone mainly used in aquarium,public buildings,villas,garden architecture,paved(inside the Park built the cobblestone paving has a long way to go with the longevity of the effects),parks rockery,bonsai filling materials and pebbles material,garden art and other senior superstructure.pebble stone for water purification,sewage treatment,power,garden projects,such as providing a high quality material Also for precision casting,papermaking,ceramics,abrasive blasting,chemicals,raw materials provided by Silicon,defense,absorption of transformer oil leakage and other.
We are offering the below service:
*The best payment condition;
*All claims to be settled within 24 hours;
*All orders to be delivered within 14 days;
*Quality level including packing standard is the best and most stable;
*Price is the most competitive;
*All enquiries/questions to be replied within 24 hours..
1). Sizes and Packing:
1. material: Natural Types Of Pebble Stone For Sale
2. color: black, red, yellow, white, tiger-skin, mix-color, red,etc..
3.size: 1--2cm, 2--3cm, 3--5cm, 5--8cm, etc.
4.package: Stone seaworthy wooden crate with fumigation
5. lead time: 7-10 days for first one container after receiving the deposit
6. MOQ: we can accept wholesale and retail. no limit for quantity.But, if quantity is more than a container, we can give you a discount.
7.Payment Term: T/T(30% deposit,70% to againest the copy of BL)
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Factory & Slabs Warehouse Video
Contact US  
Xiamen Realho Stone Co., Ltd
Ms.Pearl Lee
Tel: 86-592-8326666  Fax: 86-592-8327777
Email: Sales@realho.com  http://www.top-marble-granite.com  www.realho.com  
Cell/Whatsapp: 86-18850050013
Add: Unit 8F,Yongtongchang Blad,No.388 Jiahe Road, Xiamen China
  Natural Pebble stone China

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